• DDS™ - A highly efficient tool for reducing solids carryover to downstream equipment which can keep working when our competitors equipment cannot.
  • DDS™ - Motorized Multiphase Solids Separation System
  • DDS™ - Production Flow Assurance and Asset Integrity

Dynamic Desander System™


Dynamic Desander System™

The DDS™ system is a patented and field-proven tool with the unique ability to provide optimal and highly stabilized separation performance regardless of the incoming fluid stability, pressure, consituent phases, sand/solid/particulate size or concentration.The DDS™ separation process relies on combination of cyclonic and centrifugal action.

Traditional, purely fluid energy based cyclonic separation systems are reliant on the energy (pressure and fluid velocity) provided by the fluids entering the separation chamber to initiate and sustain the separation process. If the fluid entering the cyclonic chamber is by definition unstable, then the energy contained within the separation process is also unstable, therefore the separation performance and efficiency must in turn be unstable. Why go with tradition ?


The DDS™ System disconnects this reliance on fluid energy, instead  employing a precision engineered impeller which supplies a continuous and highly stabilized energy feed to any fluids and sand/solids/particulates that enter the cyclonic separation chamber. The process is inherently stable as it is independent of the incoming fluid stability, pressure, consituent phases, sand/solid/particulate size or concentration. This is the key to the superior performance of the DDS™ technology.

Unstable well flow is an ever present fact and the DDS™ system is capable of providing outstanding separation efficiencies reliably, safely and under real-world conditions. The DDS™ system performs where other purely fluid energy based cyclonic systems, by the laws of physics, cannot sustain their performance. BRI Cleanup is the only company on the market, offering dynamic cyclone technology.